Welcome to Custombuilt   for
Timber frame homes extensions

Our bespoke service blends decades of experience with the real benefits of prefabricated construction to create a great addition to your home.

Exceptional heat retention & airtightness together with integrated smart systems will give you a highly desirable space.

Our designs help speed up the building process,  delivering  your  space  sooner. 

Advantages of Timber Frames  Design


The structural frame is insulated and independent.  This minimizes depth of walls _ increasing space for rooms.

Compatible with virtually all building materials and shapes means building how you like.

 Black bricks, colour coded zinc or  insulated coloured render you choose



Low maintenance materials

Flexibility to choose the best materials Consider your location & keep future maintenance to a minimum

Building to your budget

You can achieve a low cost minimalist design that meets the latest building regulations, or go big with the finest finishes or aim to achieve a  Passiv-haus inspired level of sustainability.

Choosing the best design will help you build the right addition to your home