greater choice

Our construction system  is structurally independant and minimises the thickness of walls. It is compatible with virtually all other building finishes, inside & out

So if you want external walls to be black bricks in a stack bond or traditional stonework, these are fine, as are colour coded zinc claddings or highly insulated polymer renders.

Budget accordingly. 

You can acheive a low cost minimalist design that meets the latest building regulations, go big with the finest finishes or aim to acheive a  Passivhaus inspired level of sustainability.

With the right design we will help you make a fantastic addition to your home

Prior planning

We will help you get started

To help achieve a smooth process we aim to build it right first time.

Pre-planning through good design & visualisation modelling lets you understand the finished build before we have started.

Layout, material choices and fitting,& fixtures decisions can be made before works begin

We can help you through the design phase including planning and regulations applications

This will all help minimise changes and delays