Timber Frame Construction

Prefabricated Panel System

Site Survey

Firstly exact measurements are taken from your home.  at the location for your home extension, and then we calculate the exact dimensions required.

The plans and designs are tailored accordingly and the structural frame  design & specification drawings are prepared for the manufacturing process


Any existing buildings are removed if required , the foundations are excavated, the services are installed and the sub structure is prepared.

This is similar to traditional buildings, but can have potential savings for example when replacing conservatories due to the reduced weight loadings.


The bespoke frame is custom-built for your project in the controlled environment of our workshop. This helps improve quality & accuracy and reduces potential delays such as rain, frost and bad weather.

This also means less mess & disturbance at your home

Installing the Frame

When the site is ready the frame is delivered and installed on to the prepared foundations. 

The buildings large panels enables a quicker build time. The systematic process creates a neat and water tight structure ready in days with less delays.

Insulation & Finishes

The frame is made watertight with a pitched or flat roof. 

 A combination of the appropriate insulation & airtight membranes protects from the weather but allows the building to breathe, increasing the building lifespan.

Achieve Your Vision

Visualisations for your new space from the start helps enable the integration of smart systems into the building.

Flexibility of design helps give you more options to achieve your vision    through to the fittings and  of the finished rooms .