Transform your cold conservatory 
                 to a smart-tech zone

Create a warm and bright space
 integrated & controllable   underfloor heating
  coloured lighting
 wifi work station

Your connected office or                interactive family place

Spacious rooms

Capitalise on the flexibility of engineered construction. Without  the constraint create open spaces to unwind


Exceptional Insulation & airtight buildings make your space warm a relaxing on the coldest of days. 

Sustainable Design

Sustainable materials and reducing heat  loss   minimises carbon footprint &        lowers fossil fuels use.

Good design will enhance natural daylight and control solar gain preventing overheating.   

Smart Technology installed

  • Solar PV 
  • Mains Battery energy backup
  • Independent Underfoor heating
  • Integrated smart app lighting
  • Wifi , data & USB enabled
  • Integrated entertainment system