Thermal Insulation

Timber frames wall system can achieve higher thermal insulation values as the structure itself can be filled.

Advanced products & Systems help us meet or surpass building standards and aim for Passiv-haus level of build quality 

Efficient building creates less waste to landfill

Waste is recycled where possible 

Better insulation means less power to heat  rooms. New rooms  will keep the house   warmer.

Good designs can maximize natural daylight to reduce lighting & maximize solar gain to help reduce heating.


Incorporate solar or low & zero carbon technology in to the buildings fabric to generate  energy.


Responsibly source materials & methods


Multi Layered Building Systems

Our use of high performance building membranes massively reduces the heat lost to draughts through the buildings fabric, helping keep your heated warm air in


The breathability of the products in our systems allows condensation to escape. This keeps the structure at an optimum state to last a lifetime.